Continuing my series on morality, we get to the deeper questions of morality that concern God and religion.

April 2022

An invitation to dialogue for modern-day heathens

March 2022

Centrism is less a reasonable political position and more a posture of defensiveness.

September 2021

Natural law theory and virtue ethics follow directly from the Scholastic understanding of goodness.

August 2021

A Reply to Dionysus
What are goodness and beauty, really?
The nature of fascism from a virtue ethics perspective.

July 2021

A Reply to White Tom
A "No Miracles" Argument for Qualitative Realism

April 2021

Against Terminally Online Intellectual Terrorism

March 2021

Transgender politics will triumph over the efforts of academic centrists.
The way too many right-wingers approach the topic of moral values is mistaken.